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A-Designs Ventura

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A-Designs micpre with eq

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A-Designs Ventura


Microphone Preamplifier   The microphone preamp is a balanced single-stage discrete opamp, transformer coupled design. It includes switches for:    phase reverse, -20 dB pad, +48V phantom power with LED indicator and a gain control knob.    With the “Input Switch “set to Mic – the signal is fed to both the input of the EQ section/main output and the transformer    output mult simultaneously. This gives two separate outputs at one time and is useful in feeding signal to FOH and/or    external FX,  power amps, etc. (See Flow Chart)   Running at normal levels – a very clear and transparent signal with all the detail, air and extended bass you’d expect from a    very high quality analog design is obtained. Push it a little harder and the output transformers will respond giving a more    colored character while still retaining clarity.  

Three Band Parametric EQ   The Ventura features a 3-band modified Quad Eight style Parametric Equalizer featuring 33 frequencies. There are three    bands of overlapping ranges from 50Hz to 15KHz. Both the frequency selection and the boost/cut controls are stepped for    precise recallable settings. Each band has its own Q switch with three fixed positions of Sharp, Wide and Narrow. The low    and high bands are a peak/dip type with switches to change their characteristic to a shelf type. The shelving switches disable    the Q feature on high and low bands only.    The equalizer’s input/insert return provides direct input to the EQ. This bypasses both the mic-preamp and instrument    preamp and allows for independent EQ access making the Ventura very flexible. (See Flow Chart)  

Instrument Input Preamplifier   No need for a Direct Box/DI. This is a high-impedance unbalanced preamplifier designed for guitar/bass pickups and    keyboards such as vintage synthesizers. Independent from the mic-pre, the instrument preamplifier section uses a single-   stage discrete opamp.  It includes a front-panel 1/4″ TS Switchcraft input jack and gain pot.    With the “Input Switch “set to Instrument - this also feeds both the input to the EQ section/main output and the transformer    output mult simultaneously giving two separate outputs at one time. This is very useful in feeding FOH and/or external FX,     power amps, etc. (See Flow Chart)  

High and Low Pass Filters   The high and low pass filters are a fixed second order 12dB per octave type with the knees at 9kHz and 150Hz. Both filter    switches work whether the EQ switch is in or out and are post the EQ which affects the Main/EQ Output only.   

Direct Out Mult / Insert Return   The Output Mult allows the Instrument or Microphone signal to be sent to two different places at once. Send a pre-EQ signal    to FOH or an effect, i.e. compressor, delay, power amps, etc and also through the EQ to the main output.   The Insert Return allows for the use of external Compressors and/or Effects to be directly added back into the signal path    through the EQ to the main output. (See Flow Chart)   In the studio or on the stage, the A-Designs Audio Ventura is of a “no frills, no compromise” audio philosophy for pure sonic    capture and reproduction. Designed by Carl Johnson.  


Frequency Response: >20Hz to 20kHz  

Gain Range: Microphone: -62dBV to +30dBV, Instrument: 70dB, Insert/EQ Input: 0dBV to +26dBV  

Input Impedance: Microphone: 1.4k ohm typical, Instrument: 20M ohm nominal, Insert/EQ Input: 15k ohm  

Noise (EIN): >89dBm overall  

Phantom Power: +48VDC  

Balanced XLR outputs: 600 ohm nominal  

Distortion: Better than 0.01%  

Power Requirements: 120/230VAC  

Dimensions: 19″ x 1-3/4″ x 10″ (W-H-D)  

Weight: 14 lb.  

Shipping weight: 16.5 lb.




1.Independent Microphone Preamp/Equalizer/Instrument Preamp

2.Specially Designed Discrete Operational Amplifiers

3.Jensen Microphone Input Transformer

4.Insert Point Between Mic Preamp/Instrument Preamp and Equalizer

5.Metal Film Resistors, Polypropylene, C0G and Bipolar Capacitors

6.Silver Contact Toggle Switches (No Relays) 

7.Cinemag Transformer Balanced Outputs – Main and Direct/Mult

8.External Switchable Line Power from 110VAC to 220VAC

9.Gold Neutrik XLR Connectors

10.1RU Steel Chassis

11.Aluminum Knobs12.Made In The USA