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AKG Drumset Premium

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Akg Drumset Premium

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AKG Drumset Premium



for touring, live and studio applications

The Drum Set Premium reference drum microphone set is a hand-selected collection of the highest-quality microphones for touring, live and studio applications. The rugged metal carry case houses a range of the best AKG microphones made for capturing miking drums while simultaneously ensuring safe transportation wherever you go. The Drum Set Premium is hand-selected in Vienna, Austria and contains the following 8 world-class microphones:

1 x D12 VR dynamic bass drum microphone 
1 x C214 matched pair condenser microphones for overheads 
1 x C451 B condenser microphone for Hi Hat 
4 x D40 dynamic instrument microphones for snare and toms

Hand-selected Microphones made in Vienna, Austria
for highest possible quality

Complete reference drum microphone set
including five dynamic and three condenser microphones

Heavy duty metal case
for safe transport

Complete with all microphone clamps and stand adaptors
for plug and play use