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18 Antelope Zen Tour Synergy Core, Thunderbolt 3 en USB Audio Interface. Alleen in augustus met gratis BITWIG DAW en Edge Solo, Mag Opr Conve.

Excl. BTW: € 1.399,00 Incl. BTW: € 1.692,79


Excl. BTW: € 1.399,00 Incl. BTW: € 1.692,79

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Zen tour Synergy Core Tot 31 juli 2020 met gratis BITWIG DAW en Edge Solo modeling mic

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18 Antelope Zen Tour Synergy Core, Thunderbolt 3 en USB Audio Interface. Alleen in augustus met gratis BITWIG DAW en Edge Solo, Mag Opr Conve.


Zen Tour Synergy Core Tot 31 juli 2020 met gratis BITWIG DAW en Edge Solo modeling mic!

Antelope Audio has announced the Zen Tour Synergy Core, which is an 18x24 DSP / Audio Interface that can process up to 256 effects over 32 channels with ultra-low latency and zero CPU drain, thanks to the four ARM-based DSP processors, working with the doubled custom-designed FPGA chip architecture of its predecessor. We have the details including what is new, compared to the original Zen Tour.

What Are The Upgrades Added In The Zen Tour Synergy Core Compared To The original Zen Tour

  • 4x DSP + 2x FPGA Synergy Core low-latency effects and audio engine processors.

  • Improved AD/DA conversion – up to 130dB DNR, on par with Orion Studio Synergy Core.

  • 2x increase in channel count (32 channels at sample rates up to 192kHz).

  • Thunderbolt 3 & USB 2.0 cross-platform connectivity for Mac / Windows.

  • Support for new Synergy Core-exclusive effects like Auto-Tune Synergy, Opto-2A, MES-432C, Comp-4K-Bus and others.

  • 8 DC-coupled line outputs for CV applications like controlling modular synthesizers.

  • Discrete ultra – linear microphone preamps.

  • Enhanced thermal performance.

Portable Desktop Interface

Zen Tour Synergy Core Front View

As a portable desktop device, the Zen Tour Synergy Core can comfortably fit into a backpack. Moving onto the I/O, users can record four acoustic sources using microphones (via four mic/line inputs on TRS/XLR Combo jacks) and four electric guitars or four stereo synthesizers simultaneously, by also utilising four instrument/line inputs on TRS.

Users can process up to eight mono channels through outboard gear via a standard 25-pin D-SUB connector and record them back into DAW projects. 

There are two monitor outs on TRS, two headphone outs on TRS, and two re-amp outs on TRS.

The 10x10 implementation of digital I/O via ADAT and SPDIF allows for extending the I/O with external line/mic convertors.

The ADAT (SMUX) supported channel count varies, depending on the sample rate used, between eight inputs and outputs at 44.1/48 kHz, four inputs and outputs at 88.2/96 kHz, and two inputs and outputs at 176.4/192 kHz

Finally, there are two SPDIF inputs and two outputs that will support sample rates from 44.1K and 192K.

Zen Tour Synergy Core rear view

DSP Processing Options

Owners of Zen Tour Synergy Core can choose from a wider variety of DSP-based effects that are available exclusively from Antelope Audio, such as custom-designed plug-ins that use the inbuilt hardware acceleration of the Synergy Core platform to deliver the processing. Examples include…

  • Auto-Tune pitch correction and vocal effects with ultra-low latency from the Auto-Tune Synergy plugin

  • A fresh take on vintage tremolos using the Vari-Speed Tremolo plugin

  • Phases, sweeps, and swooshes from the Space Flanger plugin

Alternatively, users can process up to 32 mono DAW channels via Zen Tour Synergy Core as hardware inserts or use 32 Synergy Core-powered effects racks as plug-ins via Antelope Audio’s AFX2DAW bridge, bringing DSP and FPGA-based effects modelling to any DAW.


The Zen Tour Synergy Core adopts the latest generation of Antelope Audio’s 4th Gen 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology, designed to eliminate jitter and the unit can clock external devices connected via ADAT or SPDIF.

Supports macOS And Windows As Well As Thunderbolt 3 And USB 2

The Zen Tour Synergy Core is a Thunderbolt 3 and USB 2 equipped cross-platform audio interface that is compatible with both macOS. including Catalina. and Windows.

Free Starter Pack

  • The Zen Tour Synergy Core will ship with a free starter pack of 36 emulations of classic studio gear and creative effects worth $2,120.00 USD if bought individually)

  • 2 mic preamps (Gyraf Gyratec IX)

  • 4 EQs (VEQ-1, VMEQ-5, VEQ-HLF, and Clear Q)

  • 5 compressors and limiters (FET-A76, Stay- Levin, VCA160, X903, and PowerFFC)

  • 11 tube guitar amps (Plexi 59 (UK), Bass SuperTube VR, Darkface 65 (US), Top30 (UK) Bright, Tweed Deluxe (US), Overange 120 (UK), BurnSphere (DE) Lead, Marcus II (US) Lead, Modern (US) CH3, Rock 75 (UK), and Rock 22.10 (UK))

  • 11 guitar cabinets (Darkface 65 2x12, Top30 2x12, Modern 4x12, Green 2x12, Vintage 4x12, Green 4x12, Caliper 50 1x10, Bluelux 1x12, Clst 1x12, England 4x12, and Bass Tube 1x15)

  • 2 special processing effects (PowerEX and PowerGate)

  • 1 reverb (Auraverb)