Antelope Galaxy 64 | 64-channel AD/DA | Dante | HDX | Thunderbolt 3 Synergy Core Interface *** Voorraad-voordeel ! *** B-stock in nieuwstaat.

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Antelope Audio’s first Dante interface is also the world’s first 64-channel AD/DA converter. Featuring all industry-standard analog and digital I/O within a 2U rack space, including 64 channels of analog in and 64 channels of analog out, Thunderbolt™ 3, DANTE, AES/EBU, HDX and MADI, the GALAXY 64 is equipped to handle all audio going in and out of your production facility or live venue.

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Antelope Galaxy 64 | 64-channel AD/DA | Dante | HDX | Thunderbolt 3 Synergy Core Interface   *** Voorraad-voordeel ! *** B-stock in nieuwstaat.


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The GALAXY 64 is a Synergy Core interface running both ARM DSP + FPGA chips, all in custom configurations, processing tens of input/output audio streams, and hundreds of lowlatency studio effects, all without burdening your CPU. With a total of 12x ARM DSP + 3x FPGA units on-board, a single GALAXY 64 can handle large sessions with hundreds of FX instances applied to each individual project, while employing a 3rd FPGA chip to process the routing matrix and manage conversion.


Designed for world class studio recording, live venues, post-production, broadcast, large-scale scoring, and other enterprise applications, GALAXY 64 fits 64 channels of all-encompassing connectivity, class leading signal processing, and rock-solid reliability inside a single 2U rackmount unit.


GALAXY 64 employs the highest quality converters providing the lowest THD and SNR in units of it’s kind. Offering a generous 124dB of dynamic range on the AD stage, 128dB at the DA stage, and 130dB at the monitor outputs, Galaxy 64 achieves a precise and transparent conversion with accurate transient reproduction. The GALAXY 64 does not require external converters for monitoring as it facilitates critical listening without added coloration by virtue of its masteringgrade monitor outputs.

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