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Audix F 50, ex demo, als nieuw

Excl. BTW: € 39,00 Incl. BTW: € 47,19


Excl. BTW: € 39,00 Incl. BTW: € 47,19

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Audix F50 All purpose, affordable vocal mic

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Audix F 50, ex demo, als nieuw


The f50 embodies a tight and uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern which assists in isolating the vocals from the instruments on stage. The f50 is also available with a noiseless, magnetic on/off switch (f50S).

Its warm, natural sound reproduction, resistance to feedback and ability to handle high SPLs without distortion allows the f50 to be utilized in a variety of live and studio applications.  The f50 is an entry level, all purpose vocal microphone for small to midsize PA systems. 

f50s - Same as f50 with On/Off switch
f50CBL - Same as f50 with high performance XLR-XLR low impedance mic cable

MC1 - Standard nylon molded clip
P1 - Carrying pouch

WS357   - Optional high quality external foam windscreen 
CBL20  - 20' premium XLR-XLR balanced mic cable
CBLDR25 - 25' premium right angle XLR-XLR balanced mic cable
T50K - Professional impedance matching transformer
TRIPOD - metal tripod desktop stand 



- Multi-purpose vocals
- Drums, Guitar cabinets
- Acoustic instruments
- Home studio recording