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BAE 500 Series Rack

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Mail voor speciale prijs!

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BAE 500 Series 11 Slot Rack

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BAE 500 Series Rack


500 Series Racks Features

500 Series Racks are available as 11 space Rackmounts, 6 space Rackmounts and 6 space Lunchboxes.

  • Strong steel chassis - not aluminium
  • Shielded wires on individual connectors for serviceability- no PCBs
  • XLR inputs and outputs
  • Remote power supply keeps power transformer interference away from modules

If you purchased a BAE Lunchbox prior to June 1st, 2012 then your unit will not be compatible.

500 Series Racks Specifications

Large Bi Polar, 11 Space Rack

+/- 16V 2.1Amp

Power Requirements
115/230 VAC, 36W

Dimensions in Inches

19W x 5.25L x 10D