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Beesneez Tribute 2

Excl. BTW: € 3.360,50 Incl. BTW: € 4.066,21


Excl. BTW: € 3.360,50 Incl. BTW: € 4.066,21

Prijs per dag bij jaarhuur: € 2,45

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The Tribute 2 was build to satisfy mounting pressure to build a microphone that would sound like the ELA M251.

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Beesneez Tribute 2


The Telefunken ELA M251 has readily earned the reputation of being the one of the best microphones ever made. Originally manufactured by AKG for the Telefunken company, the ELA M251 shares many characteristics with the AKG C12, but there are subtle differences which allow the 251 to develop its own character. In microphone specifications small electrical differences can equal large sonic differences, henceforth, although similar in nature the ELA M251 and C12 sound very different.

BeesNeez Microphones decided to build the Tribute 2 to satisfy mounting pressure by our existing customers to build a microphone that would sound like the 251. Original construction of the 251 was quite modular. The original idea behind this was to allow for easy replacement of parts. This, though also introduces potential pin-to-pin issues that in themselves can create reliability issues and of course over time, these issues have rendered many 251’s into an irreparable state.

A properly working, reasonable condition ELA M251 will cost up to and in excess of $30,000 USD. The Beesneez Tribute 2 like the Tribute 1 was not designed to be a clone or copy microphone. But instead was designed to faithfully recreate the sonic characteristics of the ELA M251, at a fraction of the price. When you add to that the benefits of modern mechanical engineering you have a microphone that with the proper care will have no limit to its life expectancy. The components used by Beesneez are simply unmatched in noise and performance. Because of the high accuracy of the machines owned by Beesneez the sonic delivery of the K12 is perfect.  

The tube in the T2 is a Raytheon 5703WB JAN NOS. We have chosen this tube due to its low noise and sonic similarities to the Telefunken AC701k. The Tribute 2 also ships with a custom-built power supply, REDCO 7pin 3M cable with NEUTRIK connectors, 51 mm suspension mount and waterproof carry case.