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26 Antelope Orion 32+ Gen 3 Thunderbolt & USB, speciale aanbieding!

Excl. BTW: € 1.649,00 Incl. BTW: € 1.995,29


Excl. BTW: € 1.649,00 Incl. BTW: € 1.995,29

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Antelope Orion 32+ Gen 3

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26 Antelope Orion 32+ Gen 3 Thunderbolt & USB, speciale aanbieding!


Antelope Orion 32+ Gen 3

Connects seamlessly with any DAW on PC or MAC. Orion32+ | Gen 3 features low-latency recording & playback of up to 64 simultaneous 24/192 audio channels via Thunderbolt™ and up to 32 channels over USB. The sleek single rack space unit features 8x DB25 connectors for Analog I/O. Digital connections are 1x MADI, 2x ADAT, and 1x S/PDIF.

The world’s first 32-channel AD/DA converter just got a lot better! Featuring upgraded, industry- leading conversion, the Orion 32 is ready to take over studios and live shows across the globe once again.

Antelope Audio is adding 2 new products in the Orion 32 series: Orion 32+ | Gen 3

Major improvement in the Line Out DACs & Line In ADCs:

D/A Converters

Dynamic Range: 120 dB THD + N: -107 dB

A/D Converter

Dynamic Range: 121 dB THD + N: -112 dB

Line Input / Output levels

Now 24dBU max

Refined looks

The Orion 32+ | Gen 3 features a suite of essential effects from Antelope Audio’s vast library of FPGA FX models.

Customers can purchase additional effects as they deem fit, as well as invest in the AFX2DAW software bridge which lets them use on-board processed, low-latency effects as inserts in their preferred digital audio workstation.