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03. Microtech Gefell M 221


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Microtech Gefell M221 solo of Matched pair

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03. Microtech Gefell M 221


Sound on Sound:

Not only is this a remarkably high-quality microphone, but a very versatile one too, thanks to some cunning acoustic trickery...

Microtech Gefell M221

There is something very natural about the sound character of omnidirectional microphones. They don't have that slightly lean and phasey quality at the bass end that so many cardioids display, and also, while they inherently pick up a lot of spill from any sound sources nearby (as well as lots of reverberation or room acoustic), that 'off-axis' sound is always tonally neutral and in the right proportion, which makes it sit in a mix very naturally. Indeed, in many cases, that spill and room sound can actually help to glue a mix together in a way that you can hear in so many classic recordings.

I'm also a big fan of 'first-order' or 'pressure-operated' mics — which means true omnis and figure-of-eights — so I was very interested to try out Microtech Gefell's new pressure-operated, omnidirectional M221