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MXL Mic Mate

Prijs bij jaarhuur: € 95,59

Bodemprijs ivm balansopruiming! Excl. BTW: € 49,00 Incl. BTW: € 59,29


Prijs bij jaarhuur: € 95,59

Bodemprijs ivm balansopruiming! Excl. BTW: € 49,00 Incl. BTW: € 59,29

Korte beschrijving

MXL Mic Mate (XLR to USB pre-amp for condensator microphones)

Prijs op aanvraag
MXL Mic Mate


Plug in your favorite mic directly into your computer!

The MXL USB Mic Mate is a compact low-noise analog preamp that converts 48-volt phantom powered studio mics and analog line level signals to USB for quality recording on any PC or Mac. The Mic Mate uses the best of both analog and digital technology and features a fully balanced low noise, low distortion preamp, gain plus a 3—position analog gain control; a special circuit that converts the 5 volts from the USB port to a regulated 48 volts required by professional condenser microphones. The digital section features a 16 bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with a sampling of 44.1 and 48.1. The input side has a 3-pin XLR female and on the output a USB connector.

The Mic Mate has robust metal construction and is pocket sized making it a perfect travel companion for a portable computer allowing broadcasters, audio engineers and recording enthusiasts to capture great sounds wherever they go with their own mics. The MXL USB Mic Mate is easy to use and eliminates the need for any mixers, preamps, expensive studio gear or special software or drivers. Just plug in your favorite microphone to the converter and the other end to the USB port on your portable or desktop computer to set your preferences and enjoy studio quality recordings.

For more information, visit the manufacturer's website at www.mxl-usb.com


  •     Low noise analog preamp
  •     Converts line and condenser mic signals to USB
  •     3—position analog gain control
  •     Converterr that changes USB's 5 volts to 48 volts needed by condenser mics
  •     16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter
  •     44.1 and 48.1 sampling
  •     3-pin XLR female insput
  •     USB output
  •     Compatible for both MAC and PC