Sennheiser E908B (of D), gebruikt in nieuwstaat


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Korte beschrijving

Professional cardioid condenser gooseneck for superb definition.

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Sennheiser E908B (of D), gebruikt in nieuwstaat


Omschrijving fabrikant

Professional cardioid condenser gooseneck for superb definition. For wind instruments, congas, drums with free-floating suspension. Easily mounted/positioned. Intelligent preamp for cable. Phantom power. Level check.


Solid, focused and precisely positionable.

The high-end sound of a condenser microphone is combined with the features of professional stage equipment to make the e 908 a small, highly flexible marvel. With an open and high-definition character, it creates surprisingly forceful sounds. It transmits the attack in a very clear and defined manner while structure-borne noise is reliably suppressed. Thanks to its shock-mounted head, gooseneck and special clips, the e 908 can be quickly attached and precisely oriented to the sound source. Despite its delicate form, the microphone is ruggedly constructed and easily takes even hard hits. The e 908 is available in four models:

  • e 908 D: for drums and percussion
  • e 908 B: for wind instruments, congas, and drums with free-floating suspension system
  • e 908 B ew: for wireless miking of saxophones using an evolution wireless instrument transmitter

For more information please navigate to the section "variants".


  • Condenser microphone

  • High-end sound and precise definition

  • Simple mounting thanks to practical clips

  • Precise orientation with gooseneck microphone boom

  • Protection against impact and handling noise

  • Intelligent MZA 900 P phantom powering adapter (only B and D versions)

  • Can be operated with an evolution wireless instrument transmitter

Technische gegevens

Equivalent geluidsniveau 35 dB(A) 500203
30 dB(A) 500204
39 dB (A) 500632
Afmetingen Ø 47 x 193 mm  
Aansluiting e 908 B & D = XLR-3; e908 B ew & T ew = 3,5mm mini jack  
Transductorprincipe (microfoon) pre-polarised condenser microphone  
Frequentiereactie 40 - 20000 Hz  
Gewicht ca. 140 g  
Oppikpatroon cardioid  
Gevoeligheid in vrij veld, geen belasting (1 kHz) 4 mV/Pa, 0,56mV/Pa (e 908T-ew)  
Nominale impedantie 100 Ohm (e908B & e908D)  
Min. afsluitimpedantie 2000 Ohm (e908B & e908D)  
Fantoomstroom 12 - 48 V / 3 mA (e908B & e908D)  
Max. geluidsdrukniveau (actief) e908B-ew = 30 dB(A); e908B & e908D = 35 dB(A), e908T-ew = 39 dB (A) (equi) / 147 dB (max)  

Wat zit er in de doos?

  • e 908 microphone
  • microphone clamp
  • MZA 900 P in-line-pramp (nur e 908 B und 908 D)
  • Pouch
  • User Manual