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Violet Designs The Flamingo Vintage

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De Flamingo geeft een zeer gedetailleerd geluidsbeeld weer en is daarom vrijwel voor alles inzetbaar.

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Violet Designs The Flamingo Vintage


De Flamingo serie bestaat uit 3 types, de standard, de vintage en de earshape. Het gaat om verschillende capsules voor verschillende kleuring.

De Flamingo Vintage geeft een zachte warme vocal sound met een afloop in de hoge frequenties. Dit wordt vaak geasocieerd met het vintage buizen microfoon geluid

De Flamingo geeft een zeer gedetailleerd geluidsbeeld weer en is daarom vrijwel voor alles inzetbaar. Het is een zeer hoog geprijsde microfoon maar zorgt onmiddelijk voor betere een geluidskwaliteit van je opnames en is mogelijk op de lange duur z'n geld meer dan waard.

De prijs is inclusief een standaard eenvoudige shockmount, maar de officiële spin is optionee (€ 199 ex.)

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Informatie fabrikant:

The Flamingo Series

"The Flamingo" Series are top-of-the-line vacuum-tube studio microphones designed for high-end quality audio recording. "The Flamingo Standard" uses a side-address, dual-diaphragm electrostatic transducer tuned to provide a classical wide-spectrum vintage tube-microphone sound with extended top end. "The Flamingo Vintage" is tuned to provide a sweet, warm vocal sound with high-frequency roll-off as associated with the most famous vintage tube microphones. "The Flamingo Magic Ear" uses an extra large ear-shaped transducer which provides a unique, resonance-free, warm and full vocal sound. The irregular shape of the capsule removes circular resonances and reflections. As a result, it has a warm, clean, more dense and natural tone without the typical round capsule resonance effect.

All models have unidirectional cardioid polar patterns and introduce a new physical design in the industry. The large, acoustically-transparent head construction keeps sound details as close to unaffected as possible. The combination of massive body, internal capsule shockmount, integrated head shockmount and the included compact external shockmount work together to reduce rumble and outside infrasonic interference as well as mechanical shocks.

The internal vacuum tube preamplifier is a Class 'A' full discrete circuit and provides very high output, flat audio-response and ultra-low noise and distortion. The carefully selected 6267 vacuum tube is mounted inside a massive heat sink on an isolated internal shockmount. The large custom-wound Permalloy humbucking audio transformer balances the output signal, isolates the microphone from external interference and adds even more "analog warmth" to the sound with wide frequency response and minimum saturation.

Violet Design - The Flamingo ME Microphone & Magic Ear Transducer "The Flamingo" microphones come with a sequential, soft-starting power supply unit which protects the tube from excessive currents while cold, and mutes audio until high voltage has been applied and the tube is stable. Sequence progress is indicated by LEDs while a digital readout shows actual plate voltage. The output connector uses gold-plated contacts for noise-free termination.

"The Flamingo Standard" has a polished violet body and "The Flamingo Vintage" has a black matte body. The "Magic Ear" version is available only by special order.


"The Flamingo" is intended for the highest level of recording studio applications. It is a superb vocal and instrument microphone, limited in application only by it's large physical size.

Frequency Chart:

The Flamingo Series Frequency Chart

The Flamingo Technical Specifications 

  • Diaphragm's Diameter (inch/mm): 1"/26 mm
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Output Impedance: 100 ohms
  • Rated Impedance: 1000 ohms
  • Suggested Load Impedance: > 250 ohms
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity @ 1000 Hz: 26 mV/PA
  • S/N Ratio CCIR 468-3 Weighted: 76 dB
  • S/N Ratio DIN/IEC 651 A-weighted:
  • 7 dB-A
  • 134 dB
  • 127 db
  • VT
  • PSU
  • pin 2 in phase
  • Y
  • XLR-7M
  • 8.86 x 7.08"
  • 307 x 68 mm
  • 2.2 lb/998 g
  • Power supply with cable, a wooden box and a manual
  • VSM47-FL Shockmount
  • VPF-FL Pop Filter